EDFC Active


EDFC ACTIVE makes it possible to adjust damping force with ease from the driver’s seat, by controlling stepping motors installed on each shock absorber. Built-In G-Sensor allows G-actuated automatic adjustment of damping force while driving. Additional automatic speed-sensitive damping force adjustment feature is available with the use of optional “GPS kit” (sold separately).
* This product does not adjust vehicle ride height.

1x EDFC ACTIVE Controll Unit
2x Motor driver control unit for controlling the individual motor driver units (sold separately, not included)
all necessary wiring included


  • More Aggressive Damping Force Control: To control damping force more actively according to driving conditions, 2 automatic adjustment modes are available; “G-actuated automatic adjustment mode” and “speed-sensitive automatic adjustment mode (optional GPS kit is required)”. Damping force adjustment levels can be set in 3 different types; 16-level, 32-level or 64-level.

  • Simplified Installation/Wiring: Motor driver units, located at front and back of the car, and controller unit are connected wirelessly, to reduce time-consuming cable runs. Controller unit has all the sensing functions, with built-in optical sensor to detect brightness in its surroundings and connectivity with optional GPS kit to detect vehicle speed. The power supply cable is the only wiring required between the controller and the vehicle, making it possible and easier to install onto wider varieties of vehicle models. Well-considered size and design enable controller unit to be installed to most desirable position easily without any bulky wiring.

  • Better Visibility & User-Friendliness: Larger display is used for improved visibility and one-dial operation allows for easier handling.

  • Useful Added Features: EDFC ACTIVE offers lots of extra features including adjustable display color and G-force display. In addition, with optional GPS kit installed, vehicle speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, trip meter and/or clock can be displayed.

  • Extensibility: One controller unit can control up to 8 motors, with additional motor driver unit installed. This comes in handy for damper kit with separate compression/rebound adjustment.

  • Reasonable Price: Despite all the advanced features, EDFC ACTIVE is very reasonably priced.

Operation Modes: 

  • Manual Mode: There is only one simple dial to set front and rear damping force separately to desired levels. Up to 10 presets are available to store and quickly recall preferred settings, according to the changes in situation.


  • G-Actuated Automatic Adjustment Mode: This mode enables automatic adjustment according to the changes in G-force measured with built-in G-sensor. 2 separate modes available; G-Arrange Mode and G-Linear Mode.
    G-Arrange adjusts damping force to selected setting, when G-Force hits any of the preset values (max 10 presets). G-Linear adjusts damping force to preset values and automatically supplements values in between, as G-Force increases / decreases (max 10 presets).
    For example, on streets, damping force can be set to softer level while driving at constant speed, to smoothly absorb unevenness on road surfaces and set to harder level when accelerating/decelerating to suppress unnecessary vehicle movement for better handling and ride comfort. On circuits, understeering/oversteering can be controlled by setting damping force to increase stability while braking and setting up front/rear damping force separately to correspond to degree of acceleration/deceleration.


    Als Beispiel können im Straßenverkehr die Dämpfer für eine konstante Fahrt relative weich eingestellt sein, um eine angenehme Fahrt zu ermöglichen aber automatisch härter werden, wenn Beschleunigen oder Bremsen notwendig ist um dabei ein sicheres Fahrgefühl zu garantieren. Auf der Rennstrecke kann man Über- oder Untersteuern entgegenwirken, indem man für die Vorderachse und die Hinterachse separate Werte verwendet welche bei Beschleunigung und Bremsen auch unabhängig voneinander angepasst werden.


  • G-Arrange Mode / Example of Use (at 32-level mode): Damping force is adjusted automatically according to G-force value, to xx-level higher or xx-level lower than the manually-set level. Up to 10 adjustment points can be set, within 0.1 to 2.0G for both acceleration and deceleration in 0.05G increments.


  • G-Linear Mode / Example of Use (at 32-level mode): Damping force is adjusted linearly according to the preset G-force values, automatically supplementing the values in between, for smoother & more gradual change.


  • Speed-Sensitive Automatic Adjustment Mode (optional GPS kit is required):  This mode enables automatic adjustment according to the changes in vehicle speed measured with GPS sensor. 2 separate modes available; “S-Arrange Mode” to adjust damping force when vehicle reaches the preset speed (max 10 memories) each time, and “S-Linear Mode” to adjust linearly at all speed according to the preset points, automatically supplementing the values in between.
    For example, on streets, damping force is set to softer level while driving slower for softer ride without any bumpy feel and set to harder level when driving faster for better stability and handling.
    On circuits, damping force can be controlled according to speed range to change handling performance, such as reducing understeer a bit at low speed corners and reducing oversteer a little at high speed corners.


  • S-Arrange Mode / Example of Use (at 32-level mode): Damping force is adjusted automatically according to vehicle speed.
    Up to 10 adjustment points can be set, from 0 to 300km/h in 5km/h increments.


  • S-Linear Mode / Example of Use (at 32-level mode): Damping force is adjusted linearly according to the preset speed, automatically supplementing the values in between, for smoother & more gradual change.


  • G+Speed Integrated Control Mode (optional GPS kit is required): This mode allows using Speed-Sensitive and G-Actuated Automatic Adjustment Modes simultaneously. By automatically and comprehensively adjusting damping force in response to changes in both vehicle speed and G-force, most desirable control is achieved at wide varieties of conditions and for various purposes for optimum performance.


Other Features and Specifications: 

  • 3 Damping Force Adjustment Modes: Damping force adjustment levels can be set in 3 different types; 16-level, 32-level or 64-level. Most TEIN damping force adjustable dampers come with 16-level adjustment. Use of EDFC ACTIVE adds 32-level and 64-level adjustment capabilities within the same range for finer adjustments especially in automatic adjustment modes.

  • Wireless Control: EDFC ACTIVE features wireless control system for easy installation / wiring. Controller unit is connected wirelessly to motor driver units which control motors, eliminating the need for troublesome wiring such as putting cables through bulkheads and/or placing/anchoring cables inside the car.
    With the latest wireless communication technology, 16.77 million ID patterns are available for motor units and hence there is no chance of confusion with other units. Motor driver units are built to provide tougher protection against dust and water, to make it possible to install outside the vehicle.

  • Controller Unit: G-sensor, wireless transmitter and various functions all fit into a compact controller unit, which has wide 22x60mm display for better visibility.
    A wiring gutter on the back of the controller unit offers greater flexibility in positioning the controller unit and the cable.
    Optional GPS kit can be connected to the controller unit via a one-touch coupler, without troublesome wiring to speed pulse signal.

  • Triaxial Acceleration Sensor: Controller has a built-in triaxial G-sensor, which offers the ability to install controller unit at any desired angle & direction.

  • Automatic Display Dimmer Function: Brightness of the display can be automatically adjusted according to the brightness of its surroundings detected by an optical sensor. This eliminates the need for connecting cables to vehicle’s illumination power supply. This function can be turned off. Display brightness baseline for automatic dimmer function can be set by the user between level 0 (off), 1 (dark) and 3 (bright).

  • One-Dial Operation: Simple one-dial operation is adopted with emphasis on convenient handling. This user-intuitive interface requires only a few basic operations to remember; turn the dial to select/adjust, push the dial to confirm and push 2 buttons above the dial to switch between the different functions.

  • Switchable Display View Angle (2 patterns): Viewing angle of display can be adjusted in 2 different angles to offer better visibility even when the controller unit is installed at an angle.

  • Buzzer Volume Adjustment (level 0 to 3): Volume of “button sound/buzzer” and “auto-adjustment buzzer” can be set separately between level 0 (mute), 1 (low) and 3 (high).

  • Lock Function: Operation of both buttons and dial can be locked to prevent operation mistakes.

  • Self-Diagnostic Function: The self-diagnostic function checks the status of driver unit and/or wireless communication. If it detects any errors in driver unit (disconnection / short circuit) and/or problem in wireless connection, the result will be shown on display.

  • Ability to Adjust Display Color: In addition to 4 default colors (white, green, amber & blue), fine-tunable custom colors are available.

  • Various Display Functions: In addition to the usual damping force display (with G-force bar graph on/off), G-force (numerical values & bar graph) can be shown. With the optional GPS kit, vehicle speed, altitude, longitude, latitude, trip meter and clock can be displayed.

  • Ability to Control Damper Kit w/ Separate Compression/Rebound Adjustment (e.g. SUPER RACING): For damper kits with separate compression/rebound adjustment, 2 of existing EDFC controller kits are required. EDFC ACTIVE controller unit is capable of controlling up to 8 motors individually with the use of additional motor driver units and of course has the ability to display both compression and rebound damping force settings. All the functions, including automatic adjustment, are operational for 8 motors.