Mono Sport

The TEIN Mono Sport Series is the direct successor of the  popular TEIN Mono Flex and the next evolution of the high end supspension series from TEIN.
This coilover, which is designed for a sporting and everyday use in the premium area for road and track at the same time, now provides even greater adjustment and performance than its predecessor Mono Flex.

In addition to the adjustment of the height  via the adjustment ring of the spring, it is possible to further adjust the length via the damper housing without changing the damper stroke length. This allows independent height adjustment while keeping individual spring preload settings and has the advantage that the change in ride quality is kept minimal when the height is adjusted. Due the independable adjustment of spring rate, damper stiffness and ride height, the TEIN Mono Flex can be adjusted to suit the needs of almost every track or street use application providing sportiness and ride comfort at the same time.

The damping force (compression and rebound combined) can be linearly adjusted by hand or via the EDFC (not included in this set) in 16 steps (or expandable up to 32 or 64steps via the EDFC) from “comfort driving” to “sporty stiff”.

For the first time the famous and successful 3-tube damper system which have been used in the top line of motorsport dampers in curcuit and rallye cars only until now, is now also used in the TEIN Mono Sport series enhancing the TEIN Mono Sport now to the only coilover which is designed for road vehicles and has this built in feature available.

Furthermore TEIN exclusively developed the “ADVANCE MSV” for a more accurate adjustment of damping force, in addition to the known 16-step damper adjustment range. The system consists of two mechanisms, the “ADVANCE Needle” which provides a larger bandwidth of the adjustable damping range and the “MSV (Micro Speed ​​Valve)” which elimitates unwanted decline of damping force in micro speed rangeand therefore  inreasing the damping quality at quick and short damping rates.

This kit includes front and rear camber plates. TEIN camber plates minimize inaccuracies in load change and improve steering response. For vehicles with McPherson front suspension, upper mounts are designed as adjustable camber plates with additional camber adjustment at the front.

This kit is compatible with TEIN EDFC and TEIN EDFC Active.


  • Steel Construction
  • Three Tube version
  • Easy adjustment of damping force when installed in the car
  • Exclusively ADVANCE M.S.V.-Technology provides better performance at quick and short damping rates as well as a finer and wider damping force adjustment range
  • Vehicle height adjustable via  damper body
  • Independent adjustment of spring preload over the vehicle height
  • Uniball upper mounts for a more direct response (on some vehicles rubber bearings are used by design)
  • For vehicles equipped with McPherson suspension, front upper mounts are designed as camber adjustment plates
  • Powder coated damper body with zinc plated thread
  • 1 year warranty

Kit Includes:

  • Adjustable Shock Absorber  x 4
  • Bump rubbers  x 4
  • Upper Mounts  x 4
  • Main spring × 4
  • Helping springs (if needed) x 4
  • Ride adjusting wrench × 2
  • Adjustment ring for spring preload adjustment x 4
  • Locking ring x 8
  • Dust seal  x 4
  • User manual  x 1
  • Sticker Sheet  x 1